Solar Sound Healing

Alison and Neal are both certified Solar Sound Healing practitioners. Sessions are available mornings, afternoons and evenings by appointment; Monday to Sunday

Solar Sound Healing is a gentle yet profound energy healing system that offers great support for your well-being, improving the flow of vital energy to the mind, heart and body systems. Blocked, congested and stagnant energies are cleared, and energy is pulsed to depleted or deficient points, to help restore balance and harmony within the client’s energy field, chakras and meridian systems.

We also use Solar Sound Healing methods such as Soul Retrieval & Earth Stone Medicine, where required. Soul Retrieval is a process where we find a lost piece of the soul energy of the client and restore it to them. Earth Stone Medicine is where we use a sacred stone to remove deep, traumatic memories and dense, congested energies from the client.

We endeavour at all times to create a sacred and safe healing space in service to the client.

“The human soul knows its own resonance and frequency. When the soul accesses this experience the result is enhanced relationship dynamics for the mind, heart and body. The Solar Sound Healer is trained to feel the truth of the human soul’s essence. They then communicate this knowledge to the client via a process of intuitive sounding. They voice; bearing witness to the perfectly healed place at the heart of the human soul.” ~ Gary Collins; Spiritual Teacher, Innovator of Solar Sound Healing and Founder of the Jade Sun School.

“I went to Alison for Solar Sound Healing sessions and was delighted that after only 3 sessions, all of my symptoms have gone. I have to admit that I was unsure of the extent that a non physical intervention would help this problem, but the Solar Sound Healing has eliminated it and I am thrilled.” ~ Rita Kelly.

I have felt a profound change in my physical and emotional body. Solar Sound Healing…both relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and heart and I’m very grateful to have embraced it. I would highly recommend Solar Sound Healing and Alison to all. Thank you for all your help.” ~ Steo Farrell.

In order to learn more about the origins of Solar Sound Healing please see here.

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