Solar Sound Healing Testimonials

“I want to write down and express my thanks to Alison for the huge help she has given me. I had neck and shoulder pain for months, sometimes running down into my shoulder blade and I was also getting headaches, which seemed to be related to the neck pain. I had tried physical therapies and got a little relief, but not solving the problem. 

I went to Alison for Solar Sound Healing sessions and was delighted that after only 3 sessions, all of my symptoms have gone. I have to admit that I was unsure of the extent that a non physical intervention would help this problem, but the Solar Sound Healing has eliminated it and I am thrilled.

From my experience, Alison’s ability to offer this healing system is exceptional and it has had a profound effect on my well being. It was such a pleasant experience and I am delighted with the outcome. I cannot thank Alison enough for her help and in such a safe and relaxing environment. I highly recommend Alison and have no hesitation in referring to her again in the future if any health issues arise.” ~ Rita Kelly.


“Alison has been working with me as a Solar Sound Healer for the past two years. In that time I have felt a profound change in my physical and emotional body. Solar Sound Healing is a very gentle system, it both relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and heart and I’m very grateful to have embraced it. As a practitioner Alison is very patient and aware. I would highly recommend Solar Sound Healing and Alison to all.

Thank you for all your help.” ~ Steo Farrell.

‘Care for the Self’ Testimonials

“I cannot speak highly enough about the course we are doing or how wonderful Alison is with the delivery. It certainly has contributed to an essential change I needed to make. It’s like working with the feeling has led to some profound healing and now I look forward to living this experience every day.”~ John Hallinan.

My business partner and I attended the ‘Care for the Self Course’. We run a busy consultancy and felt we needed to take the time to learn how to calm and quiet our minds. Alison facilitated and adapted her course for the two of us over three Sundays. We found the first day quite difficult and tiring, which really showed how little we were able to manage to take time for ourselves and to step away from the pressures of work and family. Alison guided us through this and over the three classes covered the care of the body, heart, mind and soul. We were nervous coming to the second week, but with Alison’s guidance and patience it all seemed to click into place, and we were able to go with the meditations and find that inner calm and quiet peace. We were uplifted and energised by what we learned. By the third week we were able to practice the meditations with ease. We took away with us skills, to stop, to be calm and to become grounded, that with practice we can use at any time.” ~ Siobhan Moraghan

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Testimonials

“I enrolled in the Tai Chi class run by Neal in Knocklyon last October simply because someone said Tai Chi was “nice” particularly for older folk like myself!! From the start Neal was an amazing, calm, encouraging teacher. Apart from teaching us the “moves” so to speak he taught us why we were doing them and gradually I became aware of my inner self and how “chi” works. The combination of Tai Chi and Qigong was a real revelation to me and is making a real difference to my life. It’s not often I have come across a teacher as inspired as Neal who is passionate about what he does and yet modest at the same time. My sincere thanks to him.” ~ Trisha Geaney.


“Neal, had to tell you, woke up one morning this week and the tension in the finger in my right hand was nearly completely gone. This was the hand that I went to a consultant to have checked and they told me my muscles were just like that and would have to live with it. I think it’s because of the reduction in tension in my shoulders and arms from the qi gong exercises. My hands feel different sort of loose and free and haven’t had that for ages. It’s amazing, my hands are so important to me. Thank You.” ~ Sharon, Bray, Co. Wicklow.


“Thank you Neal / The Centre of Us for your “Introduction to White Crane Qi Gong” Course. The course information was provided at the right pace, in a relaxed way but in a very clear / concise manner. I found it easy to remember the material and am practicing regularly. I find my practice to be very beneficial for my health and I can’t wait for the next course.” ~ Mick Doherty.


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